Health Check-up Camps

Recently Swasthgram has organized camps in association with Kamalini Vocational Training Center covering Villages in Alipur and diagnosed 120 patients and also provided on site free health consultation with its Doctor for various ailments and submitted report to the Kamalini stating 61% people suffering from low Hemoglobin ,14% with high cholesterol, 12%  weak  kidney and liver etc.

Swasthgram also organized health camp for students in association with Tarun Mitra parishad and diagnosed 232 students and found out 70% students had low HB count.

The respossibility of Swasthgram does not ends here as Post Camp Swasthgram also refer patients with critical conditions to its tie-u/associated  hospitals and also do nutrition and diet counseling if and when needed for the people.It has helped in saving thousands of lives.

These health camps take place throughout the year with the aim of covering every corner of India and provide best diagnostic health checkup services to the community.