HCL Foundation

Project Samuday is flagship project of HCL Foundation , a corporate Social initiative of HCL Technologies

The project is being implemented in Kachhauna block of Hardoi , a rural district of Uttar Pradesh and is working in multiple areas of Health, water and sanitation , Agriculture , Livelihood and Education.

In Health, the focus is on improving maternal and child health indicators including childhood nutrition.During the analysis of needs of the community , poor access and quality of diagnostic facilities were evident that contributed to increased incidence of high risk conditions . In order to combat this gap, to increase access and provide quality diagnostic services, we partnered with Swasthgram.

Swasthgram offered us a mobile laboratory solution “LABIKE” as the term suggests, laboratory  on Bike . It provided the community outreach, a quality diagnostic laboratory services at their doorsteps.

HCL Foundation and Swasthgram, together conducted 2 such campaigns in the year 2016; providing mobile and accurate lab services to 2716 pregnant females. The campaigns were executed in the month of May, ascorching summer month and December, a spine chilling winter month. Even during the extreme weather conditions, the 3-labike team started their days early in the conduct morning and worked late at night to complete the assignments in time. We congratulate the team for the hard work and strong effort made for the achievement.

Together, we conducted a total of 109 camps covering 41 Grams panchayats and population of close to 2 lakhs we are able to identify 287 pregnant women who were in High Risk category .The advance technology used by Swasthgram ensured an almost error free results .They abide by the protocols of infection prevention practices. All the teammates were amicable, cooperative and professionally sound .It is our pleasure to have LABIKE in the endeavors of HCL Foundation.

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