About Swasthgram

To address this dire need Swasthgram took its shape in 2012 to provide healthcare screening services throughout India and developed the Swasthgram Basic Blood Diagnostics tests initiative. Over the past few years, we have helped, especially among marginalized communities in remote, rural areas and slums.

 Based in Delhi, Swasthgram is exclusively working towards promoting preventive healthcare through organizing health check-up programs to reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases. The noble intention of Swasthgram is to help deliver technologically innovative and basic health care services to all especially those who live in sprawling, urban centres to those that reside in remote and rural areas. 

Swasthgram’s initiative to organise health check-up programs is mostly aimed at screening for certain common diseases and is a cost effective solution. The goal of such screening is to improve health outcomes; an example is early detection of high blood pressure. Such detection can help prevent stroke and heart disease by timely starting medication and counselling for lifestyle changes such as losing weight, giving up smoking, cutting down on salt and regular exercises.

Swasthgram’s unique diagnostics service model focuses on basic blood diagnostics care and its adoption by the organizations and institutions, such as the Smile Foundation, Border Roads Organization, NRHM, Helpage India, Ramakrishna Mission, DLF Foundation, Wockhardt Foundation, Gujarat Police, and others clearly proves its worth. 

Swasthgram works to promote in giving effective Health Check-up Programs in various communities, especially villages, which generally lack in the amenities of Healthcare. Swasthgram aims at providing the highest quality of Diagnostic service at the most competitive price. Swasthgram has a vision to reach every corner of India with Preventive Health Care Screening to “Make healthy India”.

With extensive research and ground work we have identified key reasons/challenges in poor preventive care are – "PAAA"

Triple A’s stands for

  • Lack of Awareness
  • Lack of Accessibility to service
  • Lack of Affordability

P stands for the biggest reason Psychological   – I am too busy


Swasthgram strongly believes that “the solution to the problem of 78% (95 crore people) of Indian population with a quality diagnostic lies in holistic approach of;

1)       Disruptive Technology – LaBike & Mobile Lab

Disruptive Technologies is required to cater all the challenges of Accessibility, Affordability, Quality and Infrastructure.

2)       Skilled Manpower –LabKranti & Swasth Rakshak

“Skilled Manpower” is required to provide service through disruptive technology to the most common man. Swasthgram has created a platform and called it LabKranti

Through this program, we are opening training centers at different locations along with the partners & contributors, teaching Lab Technician courses and generates Swasthya Rakshak who goes door to door , furnish this service and earn their livelihood.

It has potential of creating employment to 5 lakh youth across India.

3)       Strong Network

Association & joining hands with Hospitals devoted NGOs, Governments and Private setups and above all, the strong “Entrepreneurship Spirit” in young youth.

With working of all three important engines of disruptive technology, skilled manpower and strong network , Swasthgram is confident on their positive outcome that  can realize their vision to come true  of delivering “ Quality Diagnostic/Preventive care to 78% (95 Crore) people of India right at their doorstep”.

Everyday at Swasthgram, we work towards a goal of bringing happiness to common man of India.
That’s why we have achieved, something incredible in such a short span of time, a unique technology for Medical Diagnostic, which competes with imported products, but highly economical.
Swasthgram introduced preventive care for all at very affordable cost. Early detection of diseases & out of pocket expenditure on healthcare can be minimized through preventive measures.

Swasthgram has done more than 1050 camps with the help of 05          La Bikes & 01 Charitable Lab donated by Accuster Technology targeting all age groups as basic health is necessity of every Citizen of any Country hence Swasthgram has covered Remote Areas, Slums, Villages, RWAs, Foundations, Governments, Corporate Houses, Exhibitions etc in order to reach out to those people who lacks in basic healthcare facilities. More than 06 lakh beneficiaries have received the health checkup from Swasthgram till date.

With a vision of reaching out to 70% of those population in India who are suffering due to lack of quality diagnostic services Swasthgram has planned to reach out to those people right at their door step and provide them best services in  minimum prices Early detection of diseases through preventive heath checkup by Swasthgram, has not only saved the expenditure on treatment but also saved millions of lives. Swasthgram has done more than 1050 camps Pan India and have diagnosed more than 6 lacs patients till date and many more to go. The patients who are critical or require immediate attentions are referred to the tie up partner hospitals where they get treatment at nominal cost and they get medicines at charitable dispensaries.

Swasthgram also have strong network of NGO’s, Corporates, freelancers, Govt. bodies, agencies who not only support but also work hand in hand with its team to eliminate non communicable diseases by offering grants, donations, CSR projects and also work as volunteers to reach out to the remotest locations across India. With the addition of new tie-up partners and continuous increasing man force Swasthgram is moving step by step ahead in realizing its vision and mission of completely eliminating NCD’s in India and them move internationally.